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Self Sabotaging Our Selves

 Our life is a series of self-fulfilling prophecies. For instances if you do not believe that you can do something it is almost a certainty that you wonít. If you are sure that you will unquestionably fail it is almost an absolute certainty that you will. If you are convinced that something is one way, no matter how eloquently another explains that it is not you can bet that you will never see their point of view. Some say that you are what you eat but how much more is it that we are what we truly believe and think we are.

          It is said that we are creatures of habit. Not only are we creatures of habit but we resist change almost stoically. Our comfort zone is a combination preferences of taste and self-indulgences. If you combine that with an aurora of fear and apprehension of what we do not understand, it is no wonder we become resolute self-imposed isolationists.

          Many of our medical emergencies are self imposed. We sabotage our own lives and our health to give us legitimate reasons to complain. This gives us validity in leaching sympathy from those around us. We blame others to justify our belief that we are right in what we do and say and we are willing to die to prove it and so is everyone else. We tend to over react to everything around us and the stress results in a high incidence of acid reflux and heart disease.

We make ourselves sick with worry. When we party we do so until we are sick from over indulgence. We eat poor diets by choice. We are too lazy to exercise properly for the sake of our own health. We smoke, we drink, we gamble if not with our money but surely our health.


We pollute our own environment for the sake of connivance because we lack self motivation and initiative to take care of our limited resources. Our greed prohibits us from being responsible for our environment and our customers. Let us not forget the computer savvy non-conformists that tirelessly seek to sabotage what potential solutions that the internet might provide with maniacal glee.

While public transportation and public offices offer a large number of persons a certain way to spread any communicable diseases the department of war in many nations are working on greater and better ways to spread biological warfare that not only destroy their enemies but could conceivably destroy a large percentage of the earthís population including their own.

While on the legal front disgruntled litigants employing selective prosecution to serve their own agenda amid controversies of cover-ups and misbehavior not tolerated in the average citizenís social activities even to the point of getting away with murder.


On the national and international front death dealing fanatics fringes seek to destroy as much as possible creating even more escalation in weaponry. Subversive extremist recruiting suicide bombers by extortion and brain washing in their holy cause (although I fail to see how anyone can use the words holy and killing innocent children in the same sentence). This shows just how blind and self-delusional human nature can get when caught up in extremes.

Mothballed nuclear arsenals needs to be guarded against falling into the wrong hands and spent nuclear fuel storage remains an issue while the indiscriminate dumping of toxic industrial contaminants in the oceans continues to endanger all who eat fished food sources. Farmers still continue to heavily use pesticides and steroids to sustain their crops and animal products.


Still poorer countries send their brightest to prestigious institutions of higher learning in hopes that they will return to their homeland to improve living conditions there only to find them selling out their own nationalities for the promise of higher income in affluent nations to benefit themselves and their immediate families.

Speaking of the poorer nations and the relationship to the stock exchange where their futures are bought and sold at their own expense as they use the more polluting fuels to produce a marketable product under laxer pollution laws. Or poorer nations farming products wasted on the international market because of their poorer quality due to rudimentary recourses or the exploitation of their work force by greedy international conglomerates.


Sure we have tools to deal with all of these issues but we are lacking motivated supporters to take up the cause. These tools range from rolling back doctrines regarding personal priorities in our personal and social lives to a world police force to keep the more vicious nations from endangering the rest of humanity which includes the squandering and polluting of resources.

Other enhancements to the earthís values is that of the diminishing of the variety of species, development of renewable resources and the development of naturally occurring energy for powering our homes, vehicles and industries.


I am not saying that humanity is messed up since we are the most sentient beings on the planet, but we certainly have work to do for our own sake and the rest of life on this small sphere of soil. Our responsibility is to ourselves and to future generations. What we do today effects them by enhancing or limiting their options. If you really care about your children consider their education as their resources including the system of society that you leave to them. Their education begins the day they learn to differentiate right from wrong. Teach them by exemplifying the right values and how to live them not just to aspire to them.

Consider if you will that there may well be other life in the universe be it microscopic or intelligent. Interstellar travel is but a small part of our potential future. We still have the frontiers of biology, physics as well as mental and spiritual evolution to consider as well. We are in the infancy of our speciesí evolution and at a precarious position where we are on the verge of harnessing the power of the atom (as the proponents of the Particle Accelerator are saying) as well as the exploration, cultivation and habitation of the rest of the solar system. With this power comes the awesome responsibility for its use and/or its misuse.

Taking the hard road is not always the wrong choice


    Doing the right thing is not always easy, in fact some times it's down right difficult, but with the Lord's Help (Mathew 11:28-30): 28. Come unto me all yea that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me, for I  am meek and lowly in heart and ye shall fine rest unto your souls. 30. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. So not doing something because it seems hard or difficult may not be in your own best interest.


    Also if the easy way means compromise of your values and what you believe to be right, then it is the path to be avoided.

So taking the hard way especially when it's the right way can actually be taking HIS Way!



    The interpretation and the overall gist of the Holy Bible should not be limited to the blindness of rhetoric handed down through out the ages. We can perceive a more realistic interpretation by first realization that the Bible is a book written about the spiritual realm. While many of its participations and their actions were of physical reality, the point was to outline the spiritual side of things (more specifically salvation).


   The Bible should therefore be read with an outlook that perceives a spiritual continuity in a physical world. The mishmash of fantasy and theory will not result in a deeper understanding, however since The Bible's purpose is salvation and not education the reader need only be content with its promise of 'The Surety of Salvation'.


    For those of us that aspire to a more in-depth relationship on an intellectual level, not ruling out  realistic aspects of reality such as dinosaurs, carbon dating and genetic change will see that the conflict is limited only to interpretation. This clears the road for a more intelligent assessment of the scriptures and their more 'obscure' meanings.


     With this one can develop a deeper understanding of the true nature of GOD and Cosmos including the physics of the Spiritual side of things. Which means that our thanksgiving to GOD and JESUS will have more a universal validity.


The Big Sacrifice


Consider if you will just how powerful JESUS was. Could HE not have created a throne here and lived forever? Could HE not have made those who worshiped HIM live forever with HIM? But HE didnít. He sacrificed HIS own life with all its potential just so HE could give those who didnít care or didn't know HIM a possible chance to be saved.


Words of Wisdom


Supporting Scripture

What we Learn

Go yea into all the world  and preach "The Gospel" to every creature.

Most teach that the word 'world' here means the single ball of dirt upon which we all live; also it would stand to reason that the word 'creatures' here only mean intelligent creatures born on this planet.


More precisely that sphere of existence you call your world and every within it.

Matthew 6:22
The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine
eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.



Obviously this passage does not suggest we become Cyclops, but more focused.

Mark 14:25
Verily I say unto you, I will drink no more of the fruit of
 the vine, until that day that
I drink it new in the kingdom of God.

Some religions and their leaders believe that this refers to an alcoholic beverage and dismiss it accordingly.

 John 15:5
I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

The proper interpretation of this passage is that CHRIST was not talking about an alcoholic beverage, but GOD's Glory and our praise which HE did on the third day when HE arose from the dead.






open your eyes and learn to see; Matthew 15:14



Suppose you could have anything in the world or be happy with what you have?


Every day you make this unconscious choice.


Now do yourself a favor make your choices consciously and you'll be happier.


                          1. Write down your goals

                          2. Evaluate those for conflicts and practicality

                          3. Peruse the results


Those who fail to plan, plan to fail by default



 ~Bless You~


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