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*A Technological Societyís Survival Guide*

Compliments of Galactic Christians


Goal: to create options where none exist in event of social disaster brought on by governmental incompetence.


Due to inept and greedy politicians and unscrupulous corporations in the event of a serious break in the food chain or the mismanagement of oil reserves leaving all but the wealthy and the military at the mercy of chaos this guide is designed to assist the population in addressing their circumstance without social calamity and rioting.

We have the ability to take care of ourselves if we plan ahead. Most of our economic woes are due to automation which makes would be workers unemployment recipients. This is due to large companies opting for mechanization to maximize profits.

Also it is due to purchasing products made in other countries undermining our own economy.

Finally the last straw is further stressing an over stressed food chain which relies heavily on oil for harvesting, processing and shipping with an emanate forecast of world oil reserves running out in the next decade not to mention an irresponsible further increasing of world population growth.

But do not panic, we can save ourselves. By just tweaking our purchasing and a few other small but significant changes we can manage this without tearing ourselves apart.


First; we need to address water issues. Whether brought on by climate change of terrorists we need to protect our water supplies. Without clean drinkable water from a secure reliable source we are seriously vulnerable.

Second; we will need an appropriate source of nutrition. Granted, caned food will last for an extended amount of time however regardless of resources or stockpile still a limited proposition.

Third; many will need medical supplies. Regardless whether a pre-existing condition or new injury or problem we will need to be able to address them.

Forth: in event of a financial collapse we need places to live. To that end we need to stop banks from taking away our homes and auctioning them of to profiteers.

Fifth; we will need emergency services. Both fire and police need to be available to keep things under control. While these may or may not be available during a financial collapse these jobs will require people to take charge of situations to limit rioting and perhaps marauding bands of thugs or gangs and the tools to do their job.

Sixth; we will need to scale down our industry to address needs such as clothing and food. This can be done by people getting a hobby or skill now such as sowing, ceramics and/or shoe repair (providing we even have repairable shoes) and gardening.


These segments of our community can make themselves known in local meetings. This way circumstances can be addressed in an orderly fashion as they arise reducing the need for chaos.


Gardening needs to be addressed seriously. This may your only food source. Most small gardens can yield an abundance of produce; however there is still the need for non-hybridized seeds so you can germinate new plants next growing season.

These plants also need to be pollinated or they will produce little fruit. A greenhouse will keep the poison-resistant super pests at bay but pollination will need to be done by hand or with domesticated bees. Having a greenhouse in your back yard is a wise investment.

It would behoove you to have an extremely fuel efficient mode of transportation as a bicycle or scooter, preferably one made in this country (one that is easy to work on without high-tech tools) so that the shipment of repair parts is possible. Oil is not a renewable resource and will eventually run out. To that end it is advisable to plan ahead now while options are plentiful.

Need medication? Look for natural healing remedies. Granted these will not be as concentrated or as effective however they may reduce the problem to tolerable levels. Choose to grow those plants that can help resolve your medical problems. No medical problems now? Perhaps it would be wise to investigate ways in treating common ailments before they occur. Get a few books on naturopathic options and maybe one on minor surgery. If you are a doctor offer the community training in preventive medicine. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


It is likely that there will be an internet so get to know your neighbors in your neighborhood and create community hotspots. Quality walkie-talkies, CBs and shortwave radios are an excellent way to communicate. There are some cell phones that have a short range communication ability. The old battery, hand crank phones (also old military surplus) will work if you can run wires.

Solar panels could power your refrigerator and maybe other appliances if you can get enough of them although the hydro-electric, wind farms and nuclear power plants may keep the electric system running but at what price if the economic system goes into a tail spin? Perhaps it would be wise not to rely too heavily on them.

Maintenance tools and equipment; perhaps it would be best to have some basic tools but pick and shovel work is hard labor at the best of times and when you are not used to it there are additional risks.


Due to global warming over the next 30 or so years as the worldís climate seeks its own balance. With glaciers melting exposing more of the warmth absorbing property of the groundís surface gradually increasing the earthís general temperature, expect conditions to change and storms to grow more intense.


My suggestion? Get a greenhouse, solar panels and put in a well and septic system. Find ways to secure in nature those things you need to survive. For food try chickens but eat only the eggs. Have a swimming pool? Turn it into a fish pond. Grow your own medicine in a green house. There are lots of options that you can try.

Purchase for quality and durability not style or looks. Acquire a set of tools that will allow you to deal well with possible problems.

Get in shape and address foods relative to those grown in your area. Learn canning and preserving. Get a wood stove. Make a root cellar. Learn pre-tech skills so that you have resources for trading.

This will address many of your immediate needs on a personal level.


Women stop producing children. There are too many people in our society as it is and our food chain can not handle much more and we will run out of oil with in the next twenty years. Oil is needed to harvest, process and ship your food to you and your offspring. Have you ever gone hungry? Donít create that situation by ordering your daughters to make grand children for you. Letís adopt a new policy of quality not quantity so please propagate responsibly!


Most of the problems will hit hardest in heavily populated areas like cities where very little food is grown to feed the massive numbers of people there. Also water supplies are very vulnerable there as well because of the potential for civil unrest. If you can buy or build a house in the country and work at/from home, by internet if possible and grow your own food you should be just fine. Government restrictions that limit your ability to address these concerns seriously need to be challenged and changed.


Big business and multi-national corporations: if you want to stay in business make your products user friendly and repairable by the common man or woman. Make quality products that will last so when things get serious society will have reliable tools to deal with it and make them affordable, available and local and the parts interchangeable. Make a survival line of products. These do not need to be striking but functional and reliable. There is an army of workers out there that can address this so no excuses! While this may not impress your stockholders it will impress the citizens of this country and perhaps even save our struggling economy without which you will be out of business anyway.


Governments; start treating people instead of mistreating them. Granted there are wayward souls. However with the proper stimulus and guidance most will see the light. Failing in this only perpetuates the problem and emphasizes the need for you to focus.

Work for the good of the people not for the good of your or your supporterís bank accounts. Quit showing special favors and tax breaks to the wealthy and super rich. When you see a non-renewable resource being used up especially one that impacts society as a whole donít hush it up to avoid a panic, deal with it. Ask society for suggestions with an online suggestion box, your citizens might surprise you. Cap that greed! This is outrageous that the most of the wealth of this country is the hands of a ruthless greedy few especially knowing that a depression looms. Unscrupulous business practices can easily put this country in the toilet not to mention endanger the welfare of the entire nation. Get to work and do what you are paid to do.

Support businesses that cater to the welfare of this country that hire employees in this country and reinvest in this country. As for those that refuse nationalize them and kick the racketeers, profiteers and monopolists to the curb. Itís one thing to license an invention it is another to do so just so some large rich corporation can extort this countryís citizenry. Nationalize, nationalize, nationalize! Stop them from capitalizing on capitalism for the good of the nation. Wake up before itís too late.


See, it is possible to survive in a worse case scenario especially if you prepare for it.

Written by;

B E Burns


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