Multiple Dimensions  (spiritual and physical worlds)


Dinosaur Bones

3. Religion Verses Philosophy 4.  

1. Multiple Dimensions 


     While there maybe more than one universe. The dimensions of heaven and hell over lap physical reality which may lead to scientists to believe in multiple universes. However since every thing in the physical universe is built up of congealed photons (matter) which is basically captured energy making the natural form of everything in the universe a sphere.

     To be more specific the essence of the universe is singular but the structure seems to be multiple due to the subtle plane of pure energy which is more properly called the spiritual plane.

     This subtle plane of pure energy or spiritual plane is everywhere and every when and while time exists in the physical plane the spiritual plane lacks the ravages of time because of the perfusion of pure energy can not deteriorate. This spiritual energy permeates everything both the physical and spiritual universe.

The difference is the finer the energy force the higher the level of consciousness needed to recognize it. This would be called heaven as of course the more chaotic forms or grosser, denser forms of solidified energy is used to create hell.

2. Dinosaur Bones

     GOD did not create dinosaur bones to confuse us. So let us be realistic HE must have created dinosaurs and if that is the logical conclusion (HE also created logic and common sense) than the day referred to in Genesis refers to something other than a twenty-four period. I propose that it refers to a level of development of the universe as the dawning of a new level of development which eclipse the previous one. I am suggesting that this creation was a monumental event that included the creation of this world and all others as well as it continues throughout the universe.

3. Religion Verses Philosophy


Science gives us tools to deal with this universe however science is limited to the constraints of this reality while religion is not. Science can not exceed the boundaries of this reality and all the theoretical understanding based on it. Religion however is specifically dedicated to deal with all aspects of existence that are not measurable by the philosophies of science.


While certain philosophies or life styles profess to be religions and their devotees may follow them religiously in truth they are still only philosophies. It is important to be able to differentiate between a religion and a philosophy. I would not want to place the future of my soul based on a philosophical theory or someone’s philosophical hypostasis.

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