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Here are the basic beliefs that are the foundations of HIS Church.


2. That HE died for all our sins.

3. Because HE has redeemed us by HIS death we owe it to HIM to be a shinning representation of quality and conscience.

4. That HE arose from the dead to save us from our sins and lead us to a greater destiny, to be a child of GOD, like HIM.

JESUS said ďMy Way is easy.Ē If your life is not easy nor Blessed, Than you are not living ďyourĒ life HIS Way!

    Spiritually is not limited to what we can imagine or can't imagine. So, also Christianity and the church should not and can not be limited or restricted in respect to any frontier.

You can't be a Christian if you can not relate biblical principals to your own personal reality!

  Mark 16: 16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be condemned.

   The principal of salvation is that Jesus was crucified for your sins, however if you forgive one another you lessen the burden of those sins because you have forgiven others thus justifying forgiveness for yourself.

Note: Talking to GOD and/or JESUS while praying or pray8ing inside of a prayer.

If you know what this means than you are more spiritually advanced than the average Christian.

Members of Galactic Christians are expected to:

To do the right thing because itís the right thing to do.

To do for others what you praying they will do unto you.

To be a forgiving spirit (70 Times 7).

To provide spiritual and emotional healing for each other and the community through forgiveness, prayer and compassion.

Put your hand out to those who need it. Mark 16: 18

Life only lasts so long, So make a difference in this world while you can, because it will be too late after youíre gone!

A one time only opportunity.

The Purpose of Life

The whole point of life is to develop and evolve to become part of the most purest form of existence (The Most Holy) and connected to the Ultimate Being, Who created our universe from the beginning.

His purpose is to enhance pieces of himself (your soul). Because many pieces were getting lost, he commissioned HIS SON to rescue as many as possible through a narrow but magnanimous twist of irony, thus giving an option to those souls that would otherwise be lost a chance to regain their true heritage. GOD does not want those pieces of himself (namely your soul) to perish due to errors in judgment or for any other reason and that is why HE is so forgiving. He really does care! That is why HE calls you HIS Children!

 1.    So you can see, HE will help you when ever you ask for it because he wants you to make it because you are a part of HIM.

 2.        You will still have to under go the progression of changes and give up your negative attributes so that you can complete your spiritual growth (you need to be able to face HIM).

 3.        You will however have to give credit to Whom credit is due for giving you life, existence and consciousness and thatís only fair since you didnít (and couldn't) have made it on your own. In fact if HE hadnít sacrificed HIS Only Begotten Son, the darkness of our own ignorance would have destroyed us long ago.

 4.        You do have the option of taking your chances and ignoring HIS most generous offer. Perhaps that is because your feel invincible because you have a piece of HIM as your soul. Trust me those that live in the darkness will be looking for that as soon as you pass over if you havenít lost it already.

      First I know that there needs to be members and that those members need to receive edification.
There must be participation in such a way that The LORD's blessing can be given through knowledge and understanding.


  1. To clear away the refuse of cluttered thinking concerning first those things that impede your stroll down salvationsí path (be ye hot or be ye cold be ye lukewarm I will spew you out of my mouth).

  2. To not to provide ear candy to cripple those that are honestly seeking the way of righteousness.

  3. To dispel the idea that good works is not pertinent or rewarded in your Christian Walk. (That includes business and political dealings as well)

  4. To instill in each member of humanity that truth, though not always pleasant, is most important tool is our relationship with our Savior, ourselves, with each other and with the world and yes, the universe also.

  5. To meet together to worship JESUS. Since no one can say for sure which day is the real Sabbath, Galactic Christians will condone the observing of any or even every day. Actually so does the Bible, but it does insist that what ever day is chosen, to keep it and worship accordingly.

  6. To share ways to help one another (a mission statement) those in need amongst ourselves and our community.


 ~Bless You~


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