Galactic Christians Charges All ‘Religions’ to Address an Interplanetary Future

Galactic Christians is proposing a joining of all legitimate religions.

While religion is generally defined as:

(a) The service and worship of GOD or the supernatural

(b) Commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance

Galactic Christians however define “Religion” more rigorously than most English language authorities who use a blanket definition for the masses. This is to say that the elements of religion must be legitimate and real not some hokey made up snake oil to gain power or money or to navigate some legal loophole. This is not a game!

Galactic Christians believe that the worship of ‘The HOLY TRINITY’ not just a single aspect or part is the highest form of religious commitment. Also Galactic Christians do not condone the worship of animals whether real or fictional. This includes cows, snakes, cats and dragons. Galactic Christians believe that the worship of Satan may be a legitimate religion but the Galactic Christians do not sanction it. In fact this form of religion is to be avoided at all costs.

The Galactic Christians also believe that Buddhism is more of a philosophy when used to follow Buddha not a religion even as one worships the Buda and follows his teachings religiously (unless one follows it for GOD realization intents). The other religions such as Krishna’s teach the worship of GOD and in that the Galactic Christians do support, however Galactic Christians find GOD realization is a short cut with questionable spiritual gains. This is because the identity of the postulate is at some point (if he or she actually achieves GOD realization) is merged with the greater entity at the expense of the individual’s personal identity which is sacrificed to achieve the merger. Galactic Christians do not sanction GOD realization as a preferred religion for this reason.

Galactic Christians believe that only through Salvation can one find true fundamental spiritual growth which can take place and will carry the individual through the infinity of time and space and retain the ability absorb it on a personal level. In this the more the individual commits him or her self to this religious pursuit the greater the ultimate benefits (which can be corroborated in scripture).


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