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The Illusion


     The rest of all things follows this:


    All is the supreme illusion. Everything that exists is all but an illusion created by GOD. Even we are but an illusion and a part of the illusion.


    However existence is not an illusion and since existence is than GOD is existence itself! Anything else but GOD is the supreme illusion because GOD is infinite and if anything else could exist than the Infinity of GOD would be compromised by that. Such an illusion can not exist unless there was something to fight against the illusion and that is the purpose of Satan. Satan is the inconsistency of the illusion. The illusion of the Ying and the Yang is the stabilization of the illusion.


The purpose of the illusion is to create:













All for the glory of GOD!


Essence of the Pre-Universe: Pre-Configuration

         Before there was anything even light or molecules there WAS[1]. This WAS for the lack of a better word was simply was. It always was. Since there was no definition of what WAS was there can be no definition of what WAS is. Another word for this WAS is GOD[2]. WAS was a form of existence unto itself. Since time was not nor was there any form or anything to have form there just WAS.

This WAS was without dimension or relativity still it was. All of the relative values of WAS was itself.  The first act of WAS was to acknowledge itself. The second act of WAS was to create an Objective. This Objective was of WAS itself. Through the Objective WAS itself was aware, but its awareness was of the Objective not of itself so WAS created a division.   This division gave Objective identity apart from WAS but also called into existence a new creation call separation. Separation was the absence of WAS but only for Objective and all subsequent creations since separation itself was also WAS. It became the definitive boundary or limitation for all that was not WAS. Since WAS was without definable boundary, separation was only for subsequent entities but this gave Objective perspective.  

Next came relativity which was needed for perspective. Since there was not but WAS relativity enhanced perspective for all aspects of creation including The Objective.

 The Objective: “I am the Way the Truth and the Life and no man cometh unto the Father[3] but by me!” thus is the Objective also the son of WAS or GOD. This gives all subsequent entities[4] purpose and means to bring back to WAS knowledge of WAS. WAS can not self-identify since WAS is infinite, which gives rise to multiple subsequent entities to do this and the amiable exchange is that each realizes its own idealized self.

 The Creation: Since all there is, is WAS, creation can not be anything but WAS. That is to say that everything is made out of WAS. This creation had to be progressively developed to suit the Objective.

Visualize infinite emptiness in sort of a gray color fine dust (this is just a visual analogy) that is evenly distributed throughout. But instead of a ‘The Big Bang’ the gray dust was magnetized or more appropriately was imparted with significance i.e.: gravity. This gravity caused the gray dust to gravitate into clumps which when of significant size became stars due to the weight of their own masses.

This is the principal but the elements involved were somewhat lighter than gray dust. Infact the principal component was light. Not ‘photonic’ light like from a light bulb but an even finer type like the light of understanding or the light of reason or the dawning of a new idea. To be exact we are talking about the light of consciousness. This is to say that WAS just conceived it and it is; physics, laws and all.

 You: Your existence has a purpose and that is to bring to The Creator a justification for your existence. This is not difficult since all you really need to do is acknowledge HIM as Supreme Being. Also the way to do this has also been established through The Objective i.e. Jesus.

[1] Actually IS is more correct but more difficult to expound with. So, suffice it to say that WAS is.

[2] Meaning the source of all things.

[3] Who IS and WAS and always shall BE.

[4] Individual beings that are both named for their purpose and that aspect of GOD that they are created from.



With all that you can ever be and all that you could possibly do, do you think that will ever be enough to finish anything in the annals of humanity? Not only is anything that you or anyone else do simply ‘Temporal Temporary’ but nothing will ever be completed in the scheme of things within the bounds of this universe on the physical plane.

Only GOD can finish anything if indeed anything ever needs finishing. It is for this reason that Jesus was lifted to the most exalted level because HE completed something! It is for this reason that you can be lifted up by HIS presents whether spiritual or physical. So by HIS hand you will live in spiritual eternity not in a physical one and yet this spiritual eternity is contained within the physical just as your eternal spirit is contained within a physical (temporal) presents or body.

The word for this is irony which by the way is the hand of GOD. I used to think that GOD had a since of humor and Irony was it’s name. I have come to believe that it is more than that. I notice this every time something ironic happens. I notice this not just when it happens to others but also when it happens to me as well. It is for this reason that I have learned to accept what ever happens and smile when I see HIS Hand at work and irony is GOD’s way of making it stick in your mind.

You know its funny I used to think that GOD was punishing me when it was nothing more than my guilt which stemmed from my nonforgiveness of others. I needed to learn to accept the world in order to change it and once I had accepted it I found that what I needed only to change myself. In the Bible there is a passage that says; “The kingdom of Heaven is within”. I have learned that this is literally possible, how ironic.

Many things affect us in our daily lives and regardless of what ever we do it is our intents that shape our future not our actions. Actions affect only the physical and we think that through this we affect the spiritual world but only because we are orientated by the temporal plane. Once you learn the laws of the spiritual plane and learn to live properly (as GOD intended) then the things of this world will take their place as secondary to the things of the spirit.


     Consider if you would that science is a real aspect of humanity and nothing more than a system of study and to fight against it will only diminish the effectiveness of the Christian message. Better to use Science to perpetuate and validate the Christian message of salvation. The more one rails against this discipline the more those who support it will take exception to your message. If you wish to win these souls do not rail against them but rather sway them with spiritual truths.

All that you have is brought to you from that great Supreme Being, the Creator of the Universe and everything that is in it, GOD. This information is being freely given to you in the name of JESUS CHRIST who sacrificed his life so that yours won’t be a total loss. Haven’t you ever done anything nice for anyone at your own expense just to be helpful? Well look around you because everything that you see is a gift from GOD in hopes that you will develop a high enough IQ to appreciate it. And His Son sanctified it so that you could leave this world with enough wits to value a higher form of existence. GOD wants you to be intelligent that’s why HE gave you a brain in the first place!

Because Jesus wrote upon the ground (when the Scribes and the Pharisees brought the woman taken in adultery) and because he walked on this planet, when we travel to other worlds we need to take a handful of dirt from this world to christen that world with the effect that HE has placed upon this world. Once that the new world has been christen by its savior, a handful of dirt from that world would be suitable for christening another world .

New Testament Translations


For instance try reading Luke 21 and not ascribing what is generally referred to with a physical connotation but use only spiritual interpretations. For instance think of trees not as woody stocks with foliage but as family trees and nations not as places on earth but as groups of like minded people or of similar persuasions.


Physical interpretations into Spiritual interpretations:

·        Sands of the sea = All of humanity

·        Trees = family trees

·        Nations = groups of like minded people

·        Heaven = The spiritually elevated (whether on the earth or not)

·        Earth = The spiritually unevolved or degenerated (whether on the earth or not)


 ~Bless You~


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