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Sexual Information Essential for Women

Why do you think so many men seek the services of prostitutes or have affairs, because their wives don't know how or don't take the time to give them satisfaction that they are designed for. Men are sexually compulsive by nature to insure propagation of the species, this is the natural inclination of a man. Most (90% or better) can not properly control their impulsiveness and many have tried. This may explain why so many men are sexually promiscuous and can't resist the advances of the opposite sex, its their nature!

One: You must want to be having sex on a regular basis with your man if you want him to be interested in staying with you and remaining faithful. This invokes the old adage a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Two: You must keep him interested in having sex with you and only you. To do this you must act and do what is necessary to make him have an erection and stay that way. If you harass him and/or argue with him about this and every other little thing you will lose because he will loose his ability to stay attracted or even have an erection (only in this area should his ego take precedence). Arguing and bickering compromises his sexual desire for you (and only for you) and makes his erection soft and you will not be having sex either (recipe for disaster here). What, you do not like having sex as often as he does? That sounds like a motivation for him to seek fulfillment elsewhere. If you have to, look at a sex act that you donít want to perform like giving him a back rub. Invest your time and energy in his satisfaction or your relationship will be the one that will be needing help.

Three: Regardless of what you look like, if you do not instill desire in him to want to (and put it in a  language so you will get the full picture) jump your bones you can loose that. If you withhold sex as a punishment he will start looking for someone or something else for a substitute. If you are not in the mood for sex do it anyway for your marriageís sake.

Turn yourself into his sex tool (not a sex toy least he loose respect and see you as an object). Make it easy for him to think of you even when he even has only a little desire. Encourage his apatite for your charms and skills. At all other times be the woman you are and make sure he knows it. This means that he only has to have a flash of desire or give you that certain sign that he needs to have sexual release and you turn into a hungry lioness that will pounce on it. This gives him some (seeming) control and you will get everything else.

How to keep him interested: simply give his erection your full and total attention. The whole of his desire is in this so  make love to it (not to him). Make him believe that you are in love with his beautiful and bountiful manhood (even if it isn't) and make him believe it. Tell him (as often as necessary) how much you love touching it and demonstrate it. Train yourself to enjoy giving him what he needs. Make him believe that you are the most sexual and horniest woman alive (only for him) and that his firm erection drives you crazy. Donít worry about costumes or games when it is you romancing his manhood that he desires. Trust me itís not what you wear that turns him on but what you do!

Curl up around his penis like you were a cat and his penis is catnip. Make all the noises and sounds that you are a woman in heat and keep making those that get the best results. Act like you are a woman gone mad for his climax and the rest will take care of itself. When you control his cummings you will control his goings.

Find out what makes his erection hard than do your best to imitate it and/or supply it. Does he like girlie shows than become one. Does he dream of two women than be both of them. If you do not know your man or what he really desires or what his secret desires are than you are NOT his confidant or closest friend or in touch with his needs and you can loose him. How do you expect to satisfy him or even keep him if he canít trust you with that intimate information? Sure it seems a little crude but if you want results, learn to please him and if there is something that requires learning because it is dificule to do than learn it. Canít do this, then find a firlfriend who can and ask them to teach you.

You want him to love you and not even look at any other woman, than be the most desirable thing in his life and I promise he will never even think of looking at another woman. If you fail in this your man will seek out someone else. 


Mothers, what do you tell your daughters? Do you scare them sexually to keep them from getting pregnant? Instead of telling them how evil sex and men are why donít you prepare them for a very joy filled relationship with a future husband. Teach them how to handle a man so he wonít bite. Teach them the tricks, skills and knowledge they need to keep themselves from loosing their mate so that their sexual ignorance will not scar them for life. Explain to them how to properly satisfy a man so that her marriage will be a lasting one and their sexual relationship will be an enjoyable one. You don't know how to have an enjoyable sex life? I'm surprised that you are still married!


Mothers, don't have a daughter but a son? Teach him not to focus on errant pornography. Substitute pictures of appropriate material instead if necessary. Most boys generally learn to masturbate between the ages of seven to ten. Do not disregard this and allow circumstance to dictate precedence. Boys also need to have some guidance for their sexual drive to prevent their natural sexual development from going awry or developing in an unnatural direction. Allow proper and appropriate material to be found if necessary. You can even mail it to him anonymously so he retains his privacy about it. Seriously monitor his internet usage so his focus is specifically a healthy sexual attitude and not unhealthy ones. Also monitor his friends. Remember; 'Train a child in the way he or she grows and they will not depart from it when they are old'.

Neither encourage nor discourage him to masturbate more or less frequently. Just make sure that his focus is in appropriate and healthy veins. You will want him to grow up with proper sexual desires not twisted or perverse desires learned form siblings or acquaintances or other nefarious sources that could cripple any chance of him having a normal healthy life and marriage. A great many men end up in prison due to preoccupation with perversity learned as a child.


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