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JESUS Will, Does and Has Come


Salvation Verses GOD Realization

3. Will You be Able to Bear Heaven? 4. Don’t Take Your Demons to the Stars
5. Loving JESUS When It Is Difficult 6. Do Unto Others
7. Money 8. Giving Up And Winning
9. Metamorphosis is Not Mutation 10. True Salvation
11. Becoming Like GOD 12. The Truth about God Realization
13. Death’s Door 14. Over Population
15. Marriage Improvement (for Women) 16. Give GOD the Glory
17.  Demons Are Spiritually Powerful 18. Pain and Self-Punishment
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1. JESUS Will, Does and Has Come

JESUS will and does come to every one of us individually but not collectively and I will explain why this is so.

Every eye will behold HIM including those who have pierced HIM. Not only those who have pierced HIM while HE walked the earth in physical form but also those of you who have pierced HIM in your sinful lives. Those of you who still believe that this only can happen on a group level also believe hat the whole earth at the same instant will collectively experience this at the same time. Because you are waiting for a collective experience you will most likely not to be ready when HE comes for you at your appointed time. You see no man knows the hour when the LORD commeth save GOD HIMSELF but rest assured HE does come and HE will come for you and you and you and also for you but not all of you at the same instant in time but individually for each and every one, one at a time and Personally!

GOD is a personal God is not a groupie; we are the groupies, we think in group patterns and look for group rates. We interpret in groups of sequences and we believe in group salvation but GOD creates and saves on an individual level. Each one of HIS creation is an entire individual and very different from each other. Just as snow flakes seem similar but up close each are very different. It is so personal that no one else will even know what is happening to you.

Some of you will even have this religious experience and forget about it or dismiss it because of it’s overwhelming impact or because you are busy sinning but a few will be aware of it and recognize it when it happens. When I saw HIM sitting on a cloud that rose in the east and set in the west and I was stunned (It still plays a part in my life). Luke 21: 27-28 HE comes like a thief in the night, I have seen it and I was unprepared. He comes when you least expect it, blessed is he who is prepared. I hope this will prepare some of you for what will happen.

Because of this I have elected to pay for my own sins and not to burden HIM with my transgressions by purging myself of sin (if it is possible) and not to use HIM for a spiritual wash rag. I am left to work out the rest of my spiritual life through my own “tribulation”.

I am a voice crying in the wilderness look up and behold the hour is at hand when the LORD commeth, even now!

Read Luke 21: 17-28. It will be your life that will experience these things but not as a groupie. These things take place within your spirit as well as without. The GOD is a God of spirit and flesh not of earth or wood. These things happen individually and with no undo button. Your bumper sticker should read, ”Pray or pay!”

Be not deceived for GOD is not mocked for what so ever a man soweth that too shall he also reap.


2. Salvation Verses GOD Realization


By accepting the LORD as your redeeming savior you become an adopted son of The Almighty GOD.


Everyone talks about GOD realization but I tell you what you really need is JESUS realization. GOD realization negates the individual to become one with the collective in other words you are no longer you but you are HIM and there is no more you. You will loose yourself in the infinite ocean of HIM and there is no coming back, ever.


However with JESUS realization you retain an augmented individuality to share with all others as a child of GOD a heavenly ever changing reality for all eternity. The price is somewhat steeper but the rewards are of greater significance.


Life is a series of lessons but of what purpose if you are assimilated and loose even your own identity? All the lessons you have learned and all that you will ever know the one thing you will no longer know is you. Your feelings, knowledge, understanding even the very enlightenment itself will all be lost. You can not know if there is no you to know with.


Your life on earth is but a stepping stone to the heavens but the goal has a champion on your own behalf. You have an option to choose a path that leads to a lesser station (necessary to keep from being gobbled up in realization) because no one can stand before GOD and Remain an individual except JESUS CHRIST.


Prophecy: all philosophies will be strung together like pearls on a single strand--


Choose for yourself, GOD realization verses Salvation.


3. Will You be Able to Bear Heaven?


Heaven is the goal of ultimate happiness and peace, of joy and comfort and of fulfillment and bliss. So let us consider is that what you would want? If thoughts of peace and bliss do not appeal to you or are repugnant to you, than you are most likely not going to want to go there when you have shucked this mortal coil. Heaven is not a place that those who do not prefer it can just walk on in. No you must be prepared. You must be able to bear that state of being of which heaven is made.


Just like any state of being whether depression or elation its effects are demanding and even draining to those who’s durability toward that state is less than conditioned. And that is what life here on Earth is, the conditioning of each one to bear the ultimate bliss.


So how does Jesus condition us? With tolerance of others, enduring hardships and emotional stresses and by challenging our resolve with temptations. Our life on Earth is the place to prepare us to be able to tolerate the glory of “entering into HIS Rest”.


So the next time you are challenged by discomfort or adversity remember that there is a point to all of this and that is to prepare you for the most glorious bliss beyond what you can imagine. “Take up thy cross and follow ME’, because you may still have a ways to go yet.


4. Don’t Take Your Demons to the Stars


     We all have our shortcomings so we need to avoid taking our negativity with us, especially on generational ships (ships that make the long voyages taking multiple generations, to other solar systems). Actually preoperational communities should be established for such a procedure. This (or these) communities should be isolated as much as possible to develop an inner core of stability. Their members (including progeny) should be of quality from the gene pool.


    They must develop self dependency for education, medical, psychological and spiritual needs. These qualities will be necessary for a successful transition of the millennium that it takes to transverse the distance between solar systems to a New Earth. Because on arrival they must be hardy and healthy and of sound mind and ability, the elements needed to develop a new world for habitation and not depleted from conflict, social turmoil and radiation poisoning.


5. Loving JESUS When It Is Difficult


I know that it is easy to blame the devil when things do not go as we would like but if you are a Christian the devil has little to do with your life any more. Your trials and challenges are most likely little more than personal limitations and comfort zone preferences.


We are tested daily and if you are endeavoring to walk with HIM, you are very likely unsure of the source of your complaints but the truth is that the source of most of your problems is yourself and JESUS’s challenges are the cure. It is not simple to deal with difficulties and when things get to the breaking point you find yourself faced with a decision, but it is these decisions that result in the path you will take.


Be very careful which direction you take at each and every junction. You will be given an barely acceptable choice and a more difficult but better choice. A wise person will always choose the better choice regardless of its difficulty. You can rest assured that if JESUS gives you these options that HE knows that you are capable of accomplishing the difficult choice and these choices are given you for your own good.


HE may challenge your patience or your humility or your generosity and every time you will be tested to the maximum of your capacity. You can be certain that your love for HIM will be an issue and challenged consistently. Though you may not see it at the time and it may cut deeply into your comfort zone but HE cares for you more than you could ever care for yourself so rest assured that each successful completion will result in a blessing.


So be ever on guard with your daily trials and difficulties and allow HIS choices to guide your destiny, not your own. When HE whispers in your ear, listen very carefully!


Quality means nothing if it can not stand up to scrutiny.


6. Do Unto Others


It isn’t ‘what goes around comes around’ but more whatsoever a person does in life is visited back on them as a multiple of the dimensions that it is done in. Funny thing is that those that do a great amount of good is like storing up tension in a spring. Because of the nature of things that force can not be released because of physical limitations.


This limitation is transcended on the permanent separation of the spirit and the body and all that stored up karma both good and bad will be returned to its owner of course as a multiple of the dimensions in which it was done. For some this will be heaven but for others it will be less joyous.


7. Money


There are all kinds of money. There is the most infamous paper money that is issued by most countries as a medium of exchange. But there are other kinds of money. Money in the broadest sense of the word is a piece of material that represents a significant value which can be traded for goods and or services.


Another form of money that can be exchanged for goods and/or services is wisdom. Solving problems for others can net a great deal of money for those with this ability. There are still others that represent the emotional realm such as an actor would have or athletics such as an athlete.


There is money that can even buy your way into the higher realms of heaven (providing you are saved of course). This kind of money is called ‘Good Karma’. You accumulate it by doing good deeds like acts of compassion and mercy.


8. Giving Up And Winning


In learning to walk the true Christian way one must cease to see things as options for independent action and allow himself or herself to be the product. However, you do not become the product directly but indirectly. The result of your being used is the product.


Accepting whatever JESUS sets in your path should be your path. HE makes things happen for you much better than you can imagine. Your personal choices are very limited and you draw only on limited previous experience. HE has infinite knowledge to draw on and His point of view is vastly superior to yours. By giving yourself to the challenge you give yourself to HIM.


You choose to accept what HE sets in front of you because you have free choice. HE sets HIS conditions for you and you either accept them or reject them. HIS conditions are of a higher plane and will add greatly to your reserves. You will then become HIS tool.


Think about it being HIS tool. So you so not like the idea of being a tool just remember a good craftsman takes good care of his tools. He keeps them sharp and ready for use and always in good repair. You think of being HIS tool as something that you choose to do and be rewarded because you have done well, but I tell you that being the tool is the reward. The best tools are used often and a craftsman treats his best tools with care and affection.


You must accept things exactly as they are. You must not change one jot or tittle of what happens to you. Let HIM save you if that is what he wishes to do and go with the flow if it isn’t. Let HIM choose for you and accept it as it is. When you can face the world head on and let HIM be your guide, than and only than will you see the majesty of the Almighty. HE is the Reality of it all. Face the world if you can and do not resist in any way. This is true humility and HE will recognize HIS own.


9. Metamorphosis is Not Mutation


Generations of successive development or selective breeding of a species is called a metamorphosis not mutation. We as a species are the result of a cultivation by a higher being and I call this being GOD. While the process of the development of our bodies may be evolutional, still the spirit and the being therein is in the image of the Almighty. DNA proves the link to animal ancestry for the form that we inhabit but we are not that animal.


Those who align themselves by their body are more animal than those who align themselves by their spiritual heritage. We can identify ourselves by the car that we drive but we are not metal even though there is an element of metal within us and some even rate everyone by the car that each one drives. This is similar to those who rate themselves and others by their physical presents which has animal heritage as its beginning.


When GOD created the Heavens and the Earth HE created in seven days (a day is a dawning and an evening) but coincidentally so is a level of consciousness. This is to say that when there is a dawning or a new level of conscious creation that when it is fulfilled that becomes the evening prior to the event of a new dawning. Instead of looking at the Biblical creation in its most literal translation lets look at Biblical creation on a greater scale more pervasive (no word for this exists yet) and each level is greater than its preceding level and with the incorporation of the preceding level the next level is successively created and than all anew.


This takes place seven times or seven days and the seventh level or plane or day is where The ALMIGHTY rests yet and awaits for his conscious creation to return with praise on its lips for The CREATOR’s great foresight, richness and magnitude of generosity.


It is not important as to where we are coming from but more to where we are going.


I’ll see you there!


10.True Salvation


Did Buddha or Krishna or Mohammad or John Q Public or Madonna or The Almighty Dollar or Drugs or Sex or Your Very Self-righteous Self ever make any provisions for redemption from sin (your bad Karma)? If none of these influential entities care enough to assist anyone much less everyone on the planet in resolving the negative history of a person toward his (or her) fellow man (and his own self destructive self) than who will?


Jesus will save you from your bad Karma, Sins and you’re self-inflicted problems, your short-sightedness, your poor judgment, even the way you deal with problems that you did not make. HE will even influence the universe to feed and cloth you and your family and give you a place to stay; all in exchange for a little of your time in worship that you would have wasted on false gods of money or power or sex or self-importance, self-delusion and/or drugs.


Sounds more than fare to me so I made the change and I am passing this opportunity on to you. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that Buddha or Krishna or Mohammad were exceptionally good people and had exceptional qualities, but none had the capacity to care enough for humanity to personally take everyone’s sins upon HIMSELF at HIS own expense as JESUS did.


If you think that it is easy just try to carry the burden of sin for somebody else just one other person, or even yourself and you’ll soon see how sin grows with lies, deceit and covering up, there’s just no end to each one. That is why HE (Jesus) deserves our appreciation and we have a responsibility to acknowledge HIS contribution to the quality of our lives and not just our lives but also for the quality of our society and the future of our immortal souls.


11. Becoming Like GOD or Becoming GOD Like


We are created in HIS image. Many choose to depart from the image and re-form themselves in the image of darkness. In the process of re-forming one’s self in the image of the Creator one must give up all semblances of darkness (or at least all intents of pursuing darkness).


So in the act of returning to the source we are seeking to re-connect to our original being which is in fact becoming God like. This is not to say that you are becoming a god or even God Himself, just to become God like.


The following are a means of getting closer to being one (in sync) with the Almighty:


1.     1. The more you act like the hand of GOD the closer you become to being a hand of GOD.


2.     2. The more one does in the name of GOD, the closer one comes to being the action of GOD.


3.     3. The more one does for the good of humanity the more one becomes a likeness of GOD’s Goodness.


4.     5. The more one intends for the good of humanity the more one becomes the demonstration of GOD’s Good.


5.     6. The more one loves his or her fellow man the more they become GOD’s love toward mankind.


12. The Truth about God Realization


When I first heard of this I was captivated as an alternative form of religion. I never stopped to think about what it would cost me to achieve this goal. I, like most others thought that this was a way to reach my ultimate potential and enjoy it at the same time. I dedicated my life to this pursuit in hopes that one day I could obtain this treasured state of being.


That was many years ago after I had achieved a state of very high spiritual status. I never achieved this merger with the Godhead, in fact I assumed that this was a result of my not being dedicated enough. I have since come to an entirely different conclusion and I am very thankful for this near miss, I have gained much in wisdom and understanding.


The lure of “God Realization” is that you can become a god; the reality is that you must loose your entire self in the infinity of the god hood to do it. This path is one that transforms you; the drop of water into the ocean the problem is that you are not the only drop not to mention that you have only the capacity of the drop and you will loose even that in the process.


This path is the route taken by trillions of other drops and in the merging you are no longer yourself any more but a lost miniscule part of the collective and on the lowest level. You can no longer be an individual or experience individual thoughts and still be one with all the others that have also merged.


While there are many that mindlessly peruse this path with reckless abandon nearly all never stop to evaluate the consequences or compare alternatives, so let us do that for a moment. First lets us look at this logically. Sacrificing one’s defining parameters or the very thing that makes you you means that you can no longer be you.


Only when you give up being you can you merge with the Almighty. But what do you gain? Nothing! You can not possibly gain because gaining means that you retain the you in order to realize that you have gained! So what does God gain? Nothing! The Almighty already is a part of you (has to be in order to be infinite) and you only bring your unresolved underdeveloped soul back to its beginning circumventing the process of evolving which means that you have cheated the creator by invalidating the creation by taking a shortcut and thus cheating yourself.


This is what Jesus meant when He told the parable of the servant which had one talent that buried his talent in the ground. So while “God Realization” is a reality and a possibility it is not the best course of action. Only by pursuing a life of diligence will you evolve sufficiently to reach the higher levels of spirituality and than not without the assistance from the almighty which is why one should stay on God’s good side.


Why is there a need to sacrifice your individuality? Because it is this individuality that makes you not God and keeps you separate from God. This separation is important because if every could acknowledge their connection with the almighty there would not be any need to develop or grow. And what is it that is developed and/or grown? It is your individuality.


If God is infinite than nothing else can exist that is not God. How we can exist in a reality in which an infinite God exists and we not see ourselves as that god. If God is infinite than nothing else can exist except that it be God. So how can we exist apart from an infinite God yet know only ourselves?


It has to do with our structure. First we are fashioned from the inside out so that we see things relative to our core or soul. The soul is a piece of God that was set apart for the purpose of developing it’s own individual consciousness apart from The Godhead.


God has gone to some great extent to make this happen which involves the creation of a complete universe to the binding of an individual piece of God with a layered material/energy in a separated physical presence.


This implies that our purpose is to simply evolve and to appreciate a generous God. Somehow this simple perspective has become lost and confusing. Many are so driven by their separation that they look for ways to make amends and wind up brutalizing others in the process. While it is true the same God that created flowers also created uranium so that we are able to express ourselves and develop our creativity also had the foresight to create a means for our errant selves to diminish the separation.


This has given rise to religions. I must caution those here to not confuse religion with philosophy or the following of philosophy religiously and calling it religion. Worshiping God is the basis of religion genocide is not. Helping someone find his or her place in the scheme of things is a function of religion brutalization them for their lack of discernment is not.


Another function of religion is to provide recourse for someone to regain their dignity and self-respect so they can renew their connection to a benevolent creator and continue on with their development as The Almighty intended, many philosophies turn religion fail to take this into consideration.


Also it is not the purpose of religions to criticize one another on insignificant points but they should band together to help one another for the common good of humanity.

13. Death’s Door


Why does death appear to be such a painful and sad experience so full of regret? It should be a beautiful experience of release in the next step of evolution of the spirit. Many people look at death as the final nail on the tree of misery. The death of the body is not the death of the spirit but the release of the spirit from its confinement or imprisonment in a physical shell.


It is only sad if the person dying has many regrets and unfulfilled feelings. Also many negative spirits (negative and aggressive people) should fear death because they have not learned their lessons in life and their next experience will be orientated toward their true feelings. The physical reality belongs to GOD and is but a school for us to learn about and appreciate the generosity of a loving and merciful GOD. Romans 6:23 “The wages of sin is death but the gift of GOD is eternal life through JESUS CHRIST our Lord”


True a life cut short does seem to be an unhappy event but remember the person is going through a change like the butterfly does when it changes from a caterpillar. Not much is generally known about what happens when a person dies. Still many have reported that they see and are drawn toward a great and wonderful light (great like impressive, not as in size) especially for the kind hearted and caring, not so for the violent or the vicious.


So when a friend is about to pass on to the next plane you can console them and yourself that they are leaving the frailty and limitations of a weak and dying shell behind and will experience a great release of spirit. They will soar on wings of happiness and bliss. 1 Corinthians 15:55 “Oh Death, where is thy sting? Oh grave where is thy victory?”


14. Over Population

Finally A Word Of Caution: Look around, 99% of the problems facing the world today are due to of over population. Yet almost every woman does not feel complete unless she has a baby. It’s like all women are obsessed with having multiple babies! Are you nuts? Want to improve your financial situation, don’t raise more children. Stop having more babies! We have too many now! One per family (or less) should be plenty for the next couple of hundred years or so! Don’t be so emotionally subject to procreation, it’s not your duty to push out another one regardless how much your mother wants to become a grand mother! Is you whole purpose in life is to be just a baby machine?

Aren’t we a bit more educated? Mothers, get Tubal Ligation before your daughters’ 10th birthday or so or before they start menstruation before their lives can be accidentally ruined. Do you know what abortion does to a young girl’s psyche? Isn’t their enough reasons to prevent getting pregnant? Wake up. This is not a population war. The race with the most people get to take over the earth? Not so, the race with the most intelligent people will rule. It’s quality not quantity that will prevail.

The Bible says be fruitful and multiply, not reproduce to such an extent that we deplete the entire world’s resources, alter the global climate and run out of food and fresh water jeopardizing the survival of everyone. Overpopulation is turning our world into a cesspool of trash and toxic waste. If we fail to slow this procreation train down it will run over us all. If we cripple the planet’s ability to support us we risk our species and many others as well. I repeat: EVERYONE, PLEASE STOP HAVING MORE BABIES! Just stop, please?

See for some ideas.


15. Marriage Improvement: Sexual  information essential for women with a word of caution; has been moved to a special page due to it's somewhat graphic wording. Please be advised that it's language may be objectionable out of context to some readers but it's content may also be helpful in improving or even saving your marriage. Since this is written only for adults it is assumed that you are one. To proceed click HERE.


Newest Article;

16. Give GOD the Glory


It is a mistake to not give GOD the Glory. What happens when we glorify our own selves is that we think that we are this or that when in truth we are nothing more than barely human (which you can easily see in the behavior of others but rarely in ourselves) or humane. We are not really very smart or wise or powerful and not to mention we pray on each other. We are feeble and pathetic. When we don’t give GOD that Glory we assume that we are more than we could ever be on our own.

If you spend all of your life getting all of those things that you believe will make your life worth living than you will have missed what life is really about.

Life is not worth living once you have developed contrary abilities that are required to make a fortune and how do you live; but to wallow in it, something that you should have learned as a child was not good for you.

When we give GOD the Glory we keep our run away imaginations from getting the better of us. When we give GOD the Glory we also give credit where credit is due and confirm the truth about our selves in this reality. It is right to be appreciative for what we receive from HIM by way of acknowledging what we would be without HIS intervention. Also in giving GOD the Glory we acknowledge HIS ability to rescue us from ourselves. So it is right to confer appreciation for a gift given to an unappreciative child from a caring and benevolent Father.

It is not by accident that we are living here in a learning and challenging environment. This world is but a school to teach each and every one what good is and why we should appreciate it.


17. Demons Are Spiritually Powerful

     Demons are very powerful but are rarely physical. Usually they posses someone's mind by getting them to focus on inappropriate or unhealthy activities which weaken the individual's moral turpitude and causes a spiral into further degradation which allows more powerful, subtler demons access where they would nor could not. This allows them to infect more than one person at a time and so with immunity. Their playthings are your fears, weaknesses and desires and they feed off of them and use yours to infect others. They will not willingly move on without serious intervention either on the part of the possessed (which is just about everyone), which is usually difficult for the individual to muster without help.

     Do you really think that you are not possessed by demons? Think about some of the things that you have regretted ever doing that you have done and ask yourself why. Demons use tricks like blinding a person to facts using the artificial light of cool or the dimness of rhetoric. They also desensitize us by a continuous stream of sensitization and promoting continuous anger. When things go wrong you are subtly motivated to blame others or even GOD for your own short comings or poor choices. They even make it seem right for you to punish yourself to get back at others or over dramatize to make a vague point seem more rational. They cloud your sight with predigest perspectives and filter your needs with frustration and add confusion and fear.

     The more the human race is infected the further into degradation and self-destruction we fall. This leads to wars and lawlessness. We are not the victims of poor government nor unscrupulous business practices but personal immorality which hides in phrases like little white lies and it's okay for me to do this because everyone else is.

18. Pain and Self-Punishment

We all have feelings of inadequacy when it comes to living up to our ideals, spiritual or otherwise. A great many pastors and priests advocate guilt as a means to deal with our shortcomings to remind us to become better persons. Guilt is a wrong way to go. JESUS died to pay for our sins. Being guilty and punishing yourself is wrong because JESUS’s sacrifice freed us from justification of self-punishment.

I used to punish myself thinking that I was responsible for caring my own share of my guilt for my mistakes. I believed that adding my burden of guilt to what JESUS had to bare was wrong and I should own up so subconsciously I carried my burden. Because in my judgment I thought my mistakes were wrong and I needed to pay for them.

This I realized was wrong. CHRIST does not carry anyone’s sin or bare their burden. All of this was completed at HIS crucifixion. I thought I was being noble and responsible because of my religious background. I now realize this only makes one more miserable and does nothing to make the world a better place. So I stopped punishing myself for my mistakes than I forgave myself for having made any. It is not my purpose in life to judge myself and thereby judge others but to forgive all and in the doing grow spiritually which is why we are here in the first place.

This can not be stressed too much. All forms of self-punishment and/or self-abuse are void due to HIS Holy sacrifice. In the Bible there are many references to pain and deformity as punishment from GOD. GOD does not punish you! GOD is a good god not a vindictive one. JESUS also refers to “The SON of MAN” having the authority to forgive sins and hence the ability to heal the sick and infirmed.

JESUS is the First Born son of GOD. The Bible refers to us as children of GOD. We belong to the family of GOD. Adam and Eve ate of The Tree of Good and Evil and became like gods. We have an immortal soul, as in immortal god. How can we have all of this godliness and still be wracked with pain and suffering, because we punish ourselves and each other. JESUS paid for our sins on the cross. You paying for your own sin is an attempt to make HIS sacrifice irreverent. HE did not die so we could go to Heaven; HE died to invalidate our sins so that we could go to Heaven.

In other words you are sinning yet again if you are punishing yourself in any way or another for any sin. HE specifically made a point in saying to forgive others 70 times 7. Why would HE tell us to forgive others and not ourselves?  Think, what is sin doing to your life and to life in general? It’s not the act of sin but the lack of forgiveness that is destroys our spirits.

Think about it, if negative energy and self punishment can hurt and damages our bodies than positive energy and forgiveness can heal our bodies. JESUS taught us this yet so few have seen the light. He who has ears let him hear.


 ~Bless You~


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