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There are many difference way to make a comparison of physical reality to the spiritual reality.


Living in the spiritual world one will notice much greater freedom. The differences between the two realities is like comparing physical reality to that of a drawing. As the drawing is only two dimensional while physical reality is three dimensional (or four depending on your way of counting them). Well, the spiritual world is like living in a reality with even more freedoms like having an additional dimensions.

Physical reality is in this way like a drawing and the spiritual reality is like our physical reality. The confusion in this analogy is that the drawing is more than just two dimensions if you count dimensions by their limitations, instead of by the keynotes of their laws. The drawing is additionally restrictive in an already restrictive reality.

Spiritual reality is quite the opposite in that is less restrictive. While the basic laws of the universe still apply (otherwise there would be chaos) their influence is more helpful.

The spiritual reality is similar to a layered lollypop. The outer layer being the crudest layer and as the spirit moves progressively toward the inner layers there are more freedom and pleasant. This means that the innermost layer is what is referred to as heaven. These layers are separate from one another yet each encompasses all of the others. The inner layers allow more freedom than the heavier, cruder ones except the inner dimensions are less restrictive and dramain (sp), a reduction in all the limitations.

Moving about on these layers is not like swimming or flying. You will find yourself already in the appropriate layer so you do not travel through them. You do not travel through the lavers you are already at your harmonic layer when you leave your body so it is automatic and it is more like travel by thought. You decide on being at a destination and when it feels right you find yourself there. If you are traveling a long distance you may redouble your travel efforts along the way (from personal experience).

The only exception is that the more negative a spirit is the more difficult it is for that spirit. The essence of the negative spirit is to control their surroundings especially by aggression. In the spiritual reality the essence is freedom and less control of the plane and more focused on the control of the self. This is something that the negative spirit is sorely lacking which leaves them to flounder and at the mercy of other negative, more ancient spirits. There are those of the negative inclination that have sunk to the lowest levels. At this level there are other spirits of the more rudimentary sort. These are the residence of the worms and the other lowest of the low. I would suggest it would be best to avoid them and their residence.


Why Interstellar Christians "Missionaries to the Stars"

Interstellar Christians do not see the stars as merely a backdrop to creation, but were created with a purpose that is linked to human destiny.

Interstellar Christians believe that science is merely the study of what GOD has created and evolution is GODís method of creation of not only life, but of the universe as well.

          Interstellar Christians believe that Jesus Christ is a universal spirit and HIS Salvation Plan includes the whole universe!

Interstellar Christians are open to everyone (that would have to include other intelligent beings, if Humanity ever encounters any) without restriction it is all inclusive as would be fitting and proper for the Whole Universe.

                Interstellar Christians believe that The Bible is an (unusually) accurate historical account ( of the singular heritage of Jewish genealogy leading up to the life of Jesus Christ) of events leading up to and including HIS life as well as prophetic and instrumental in guiding us in the proper path for our Universal Salvation for our Eternal Soul (just like all other Christians, we however do not limit it to mean exclusively our physical representation or to only the world upon which we live).



Mark 16: 15 And HE said unto them (HIS disciples); Go ye into all the world (more precisely that sphere of existence you call your world) and preach The Gospel to every creature (that has the capacity to comprehend it).



     The interpretation the overall gist of the Holy Bible should not be limited to the blindness of rhetoric handed down through out the ages. We can perceive a more realistic interpretation by first realization that the Bible is a book written about the spiritual realm. While many of its participations and their actions were of physical reality, the point was to outline the spiritual side of things (more specifically salvation). the Bible should therefore be read with an outlook that perceives a spiritual continuity in a physical world. The mishmash of fantasy and theory will not result in a deeper understanding, however since The Bible's purpose is salvation and not education the reader need only be content with its promise of 'The Surety of Salvation'.

     For those of us that aspire to a more in-depth relationship on an intellectual level, not ruling out  realistic aspects of reality such as dinosaurs, carbon dating and genetic change will see that the conflict is limited only to interpretation. This clears the road for a more intelligent assessment of the scriptures and their more 'obscure' meanings.

     With this one can develop a deeper understanding of the true nature of GOD and Cosmos including the physics of the Spiritual side of things. Which means that our thanksgiving to GOD and JESUS will have more a universal validity.


     ~~~~For Earth Born Only~~~~


     How conceited we humans are. We think that the universe both physical and spiritual revolves only around  us.

     I know that a great many Pastors, Rabbis and other affluent spiritual leaders that can not get past their own earthly origins. Do they really believe that GOD redeemed only the ďHuman EquationĒ on just this specific planet and all others (and they might even flatly deny that there are any others) are only soulless monsters as depicted in science fiction as portrayed by Hollywood.

     Are they so narrow minded and totally unimaginative as to believe (and fervently) that GOD created a whole universe with more galaxy's than sand on all of earth's sea shores and that JESUS will come back on some unforeseen specific date to destroy it all and redeem only 144,000? This seems more like a defeat rather than a victory. I am sure that Billy Graham believes that more than that number will be saved. If this is so than that number must refer to something else. Itís all very sad that most interpretations of the scriptures are in physical dimensions alone that exclude much of the spiritual universe or that the physical universe was created for only our evening enjoyment or to confuse us.

     Granted, Ďget Christianized, get Saved and go to Heavení (and I firmly believe this) is the basic purpose of the scriptures, but leaving out the rest of creation seems to limit the true vast imagination of GOD just a tiny bit. That JESUS came only for the ĎEarth BornĒ and none other. I doubt that GOD is limited to the constraints of our frail little chunk of orbiting rock. Remember that JESUS was born of the Jews and was originally sent to them However when they rejected HIM, He went to the Gentiles and thus the rest of the world was saved. Well if this salvation works for the rest of the planet what's to say it can't work for the rest of the galaxy or even the universe? We just happen to be the planet picked to host the 'Savior of the Universe' (unless you don't think that includes them also). After all GOD is the creator of the Universe and it seems fit that HE would take care of HIS own creation?!?

     Can you imagine that a savior is born to save every planet? How about a more compelling interpretation. Lets imagine that a person's soul is a piece of GOD Himself and JESUS is the absolute best of all souls but what we don't know is whether or not each species cultivation JESUS commits a piece of Himself to the Holy Role similar to what GOD the Father does. It's also possible that the one Savior (ours) is for the salvation of the universe offering salvation to every sentient creature that was created in GODís spiritual image (since GOD is a spiritual being as the Bible stipulates and not a physical one). Are we so blinded by rhetoric that we can not perceive that GOD is above and greater than all that our minds can comprehend? Only a true and totally dedicated relationship with HIM, and on the path of wisdom will revel this (seek and yea shall find).

     Actually I firmly believe that most choose to disregard and denounce anything that would potentially challenge the perception that the Spiritual universe revolves around only Human beings. Like believing that the world is flat or the sun revolved around the Earth which was proven as bunk but branded as heresy by "The Church" decades ago and who persecuted those who thought otherwise. We still have this unimaginative blindness today with churches criticizing each other and denouncing almost anyone who steps out in faith with or without documenting accepted secular training.

     I can imagine a vast oceans of saved spiritual beings without shore, gathered at the foot of GODís throne, so vast that it boggles the imagination. Certainly Revelations describes many different creatures that were before GODís throne. Where would they have come from? Acknowledging this puts us in awe like that of a child to mentally behold the vastness of GODís spiritual universe.

     I will admit that I donít yet know how all this works out with other worlds and salvation and all, but at least I donít have a closed mind about GOD being oblivious of it all. Maybe I just walk around with my head in the clouds, but hey are spiritual clouds not clouds of disillusion. I can imagine that Heaven is a whole lot larger the bounds of the physical universe can you?

     So spiritually and salvation is only for the humans of just this planet and every other entity in the universe can go to hell? This does not sound like a 'Christian Ideal' nor do I think that JESUS would sanction it as such.


 ~Bless You~


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