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     This Christian website has the commitment for the perpetuation of humanity's spiritual future on this and ALL other worlds for the rest of eternity. This is our chance to glorify GOD in that we have a continuing value in HIS Plan of salvation for all of creation.


     If you are not a Christian but would like to come under the protection and Love of The One True SON of The Almighty GOD go to your Bible read John 3:16. Becoming a Christian is as easy as asking Jesus with a true and honest heart to be your Lord and Savior.


Mark 16: 15

"Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature."

Is all of your world confined to the surface of just this one planet?


Life Only on Earth?

    In the foreseeable future what if a person (or yourself) were to be born on one of the other planets in our solar system like in a colony on the moon or Mars? Situations like this may very well occur some day or what if you were on a planet that is not in this own solar system? Would that void our Christian pyridines? What if other intelligent life is found elsewhere on some other world in another solar system? Does that void our responsibility to follow the directive to go into all the "World" and preach the Gospel to every creature? We believe that if other intelligent creatures or beings were found elsewhere in the universe, we are obligated to spread the "Holy Word" of salvation and to save their souls and to include them even as the missionaries did here and still do on our own personal planet today.

     This is the justification for the name, "THE GALACTIC CHRISTIANS", and as such we are preparing to be those Devine Missionaries to the stars in the Glorious, Holy name of CHRIST JESUS.

     Starting with saving the souls of others who have gone astray or are lost for whatever reason on this planet making it our first and foremost cause. We need to setup many churches to address the "soul saving" issue. Most churches have become a passive recluse for laggard Christians. We want "THE GALACTIC CHRISTIANS" to be coaches and driven counselors to go out into the streets, to knock on doors, to get the attention of passer-bys to let them know that they need to register themselves with the saving grace of GOD who is CHRIST so their life will have counted for something in the judgment to come.

     Every soul we save is a credit to our having been brought into existence and placed on this planet. We will address this instead of being pre-occupied and obsessed with our own personal affairs. Yes we must eat and survive but isn't it better to do so with the LORD'S Blessings than that of Greed's?

GOD always was; JESUS is because.

THE GALACTIC CHRISTIANS' aspires to be a Universally orientated Church that teaches Wisdom, Truth and Understanding as a resource for greater spiritual enlightenment and spiritual growth and evolution.


The seven acts of Faith

 1. We believe that CHRIST bled and died on a cross for the sins of all.
 2. We believe that Salvation is a gift validated only by acceptance.
 3. We believe that Righteousness is the culmination of Faith.
 4. We believe that the Second Coming is a personal experience that will happen to everyone individually.
 5. We believe that Faith without works is dead.
 6. We believe that GOD does reward those that make an effort to do the right thing.
 7. We believe that Righteousness is Truth embodied.


For these reasons GALACTIC CHRISTIANS, The Enlightened Christians came into being, putting it in all The JESUS' Hands. This not only perpetuates the value of being a GALACTIC CHRISTIAN but humanity as well.


Be sure to check out and read the "New Articles" page!

Newest Article: Pain and Self-Punishment


Authorized by: "The Last Avatar Before the Second Coming"


Have you noticed yet that GOD nor JESUS will never say anything defensive when or if you probe either of them? This makes information gathering very difficult and I think that itís intentional.


(Official CHRIST given title)


 ~Bless You~


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