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Intergalactic Scenario


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1. Intergalactic Scenario


In which mankind has achieved its ultimate destiny. We have conquered our own DNA. We can rebuild ourselves into whatever specifications are necessary to inhabit most of the tolerable places in the universe. We can reorientate and educate ourselves like magnetizing an ordinary piece of metal.

We have developed the ability to reach the stars with a faster than light drive (which I believe is possible anyway). Humanity has colonized a millions worlds and intergalactic transport technology is a reality. Space is naught but the distance to another place.

Still one thread remains through out all the history of man, that JESUS died to save humanity from a meaningless existence by providing us with personal salvation from our own self destruction. We have come to the ultimate religious truth, that wherever we go throughout the universe HE will be there.


2. The Future of Humanity


The future of humanity is in the hands of the good people with common sense. We who inspire those to look beyond themselves to the distant future and those whose vision sees peace and humanistic values. If we separate ourselves from the masses we become outcasts and diminish our intellectual advantage. If we ignore the political climate we are endanger of militaristic brutality assuming power and reducing us all to the Stone Age or worse. It’s an uphill battle and we must take humanity with us step by educational step.

Still we must stay one step ahead of the belligerent and the financially motivated least they dam the natural recourses and destroy the environment of the entire planet. To do this we must guide science along paths that develop at the pace of the average commonsense. Governments have bought and sold intellectuals and used them to create weapons and other dangerous elements that could ruin most life on this planet.

Remove your evolved mental capacity from the financial trade arena and use it to play the backfield. Do not sell your mental gold for pocket change. Low brow inventions that do little to advance the over all knowledge and gives industry something to do are relatively safe. Patents are not safe and are accessible by anyone. It should not take a genius to mentally squirrel away critical information where it is still safe. Giving dangerous information to a violent society is like giving a child a loaded gun. What is to stop a well meaning dictator or a religious zealot from using it to validate his (or her) beliefs?

Have you an intellectual gift? I implore you to use it responsibly. We are the leaders of the intelligence guiding our society so don’t blow it (up)!


3. The ‘Dark Ages’


     The ‘Dark Ages’ were dark because of spiritually dark practices. Many dark and ugly practices were performed by the accepted Religious Community, whom we have descended from. Remember “The sins of the fathers” and the old adage that History repeats itself? That reference means not only a blood connections as in family, but this reference is also social, and the activity of a society still counts. Some call it peer pressure or a social disease but the method of contagion is the same. This is why we "Galactic Christians" see sin as a disease that can not only cripple the individual, but can also an entire civilization.

    What is sin? There are three types of sin. First there is sin against GOD, whether in thought or act. Second there is sin against others. This includes not only friends and family but also the world on which we live. Third there is the sin against you own self. Not only sins that corrupt the spirit but also the body which is the temple of your spirit.

  But there is a cure for sin and it's devastation and that is forgiveness. Sure it is easy to forgive yourself and not so easy to forgive others however the cure is not complete unless the sin is no longer a force for corruption.

   So that means that our mission is to save others regardless of race, creed or nationality and whether of this world or another.


 ~Bless You~


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Last updated: 06/01/2011

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