Discourse on Death and Dying

     Death is not death. Well it is but its not. Actually death is death to itself and all those who believe in it. To believe in death you must believe that you can die. This although is true it is only true in part. Life is not death and death can have no hold on life otherwise life would die. But life itself can not die. So life is free of death. While there is death it is not what you think. The difference is physical death but not spiritual death.

     Perhaps a better word for what we generally consider to be death would be transformation such as a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. Your body is merely a cocoon and you develop and go through changes within it until the day you emerge from it spiritually.

     Because you can not see the changes that are happening to you you do not see or understand what you need to develop properly, left on your own you would do a poor job of this. This is but another reason why we need JESUS.

     There is so much you cannot understand while bound to the physical plane by our physical cocoon. The physics of this plane distort spiritual truth and fracture into space and time. This division supports physical illusions and increases physical possibilities while limiting existence as in entrophy. This is similar to living an entire existence within an egg. Having no direct spiritual knowledge with the outside of the egg you are at the mercy of your own mind and perspective, well not entirely because you also have an immortal soul that feeds you bits of truth from within. Happy is he whom keeps pure his soul.


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