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Spiritual Affirmations


I enjoy being a Christian

I think I am a good Christian

I am thankful for all that GOD has done for me

I am so grateful to GOD for HIS goodness

I thank GOD for JESUS

I am thankful that GOD gave me good heartedness

I am thankful that GOD gave me a good mind

I am thankful that GOD gave me a common sense

I am thankful for all that GOD has given me

I thank GOD for my health improvement

I thank GOD for JESUSís help me with my problems

I am very thankful that Jesus saved me

I enjoy listening to church music

I enjoy Christian music

I enjoy singing Hymns

I believe I can trust JESUSís advice about spiritual matters

I know that GOD always answers prayers

I know that GOD has sent me help for my problems

Positive Affirmations


I am very thankful for my good life

I feel good about myself

I know that I am loved and I am happy to be alive

I feel good about my mind and my body

I value my friends and my friends value me

Every day I become a little bit better

Every day I become a better me

I resolve to improve a little more every day

I know that I have improved over the years

I am more mature and intelligent than I was last year

I am positive that I will improve my abilities

I know that reading these affirmations help me

I am striving to become the ideal me

If I never encounter a problem than I will never excel

I continuously improve my standards and values

I am so happy itís like I am coated in sunshine

I am very cheerful as I go about my daily chores

I am basically a happy person

I am getting healthier every day

My health improves every day

I am so healthy I glow

I feel good about myself

I am happy with who I am

I look for ways to improve myself

Self-improvement is a challenge and a goal

I take care of myself

I eat a proper diet

I exercise regularly

I learn something new every day

I like my life

I believe in being positive

I always enjoy helping others




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Last updated: 06/01/2011