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Mutation verses Metamorphosis verses Evolution

We can live and prosper in space!


Granted we will need an enclosure to protect from direct sunlight and shadow and from micro-meteors. This enclosure will have to revolve to substitute Centrifugal or Coriolis

Force for gravity.

Recycling will be the optimal primary supply source. Aquaponics that produce food and convert CO2 to O2 and meet nutritional needs will be necessary. This should reduce supply issues.

Transportation fuel will continue to be primarily supplied by direct sunlight as well as power to run the Intersolar City and augment the food chain.

But without purpose this is but a dream. I propose that Galactic Christians should build this (now possible with current technology) as a stepping stone to galactic population.

However the cost of such a project would be in the neighborhood of half a trillion dollars.


An effective habitat design would be a cylinder instead of a sphere. This design would maximize functional surface area. Solar panels would convert sunlight to electrical power however filtered direct sunlight could provide inner full spectrum lighting supplying plants with growth energy.

 With a minimum diameter of only 100 miles to equal the equivalent of one gravity the surface rotation must be four and one half rotations every hour.  To make a functional independent city to enable creation of repair parts and sustaining all life in a healthy environment may require a large structure.


This is possible with the use of interspatial solar foundries. With these harnessing direct sunlight and focusing that energy on asteroid material we can cobble together a large enough dwelling to house an engineering force large enough to construct the Galactic Christians Interstellar City.

These interstellar cities could suffice for deep space transports to adjacent stars where more can be built as we hop-scotch our way through the galaxy.

While colonization of uninhabited planets would be a primary goal the alternative goal when an inhabited world was encountered would be to encourage a belief in The ALMIGHTY as missionaries.

From this perspective the future of humanity looks very bright as long as we hold fast to the equation of being a human being is being a humane being.


Radius .5 miles (=1 mile diameter)


specificationAngular Velocity =   1.0541982114228472  


specificationTangential Velocity = 198.711681386011  


Centripetal Acceleration = 1 gravity



Centrifugal Force:

m = Mass,
r = Circular Radius,
v = Velocity.

Centripetal Force:




Interstellar travel:

Equipping transport vehicles with solar powered lasers means merely redirecting the sunís light into a high intensity laser as an engine propellant.


Tool power:

By using steam as a power source the Sunís light can be used as an unlimited fuel source.



Waste recycling is nothing more than re-directing or re-channeling different forms of materials in an enclosed loop. For instance bodily waste properly separated and processed could be used to feed vegetation for CO2 and O2 processing. A small solar furnace could be used to re-melt ores and metals from damaged parts to be reformed.



Granted whole new sciences would evolve involving direct sunlight as an unlimited power source however this would place us as a truly interstellar species.



Humanity has a Galactic Future and bickering over how to waste the last few drops of oil reserves, finding new ways to pollute or insidious profiteering will do little to enhance it. If we keep poisoning our environment because it cheaper to dump toxic wastes into our oceans or because it is expedient to go to war over resources which results only in the survival of the most belligerent or produce offspring until we run out of healthy food options we will not have a future.

So it boils down to this; do we jeopardize a galaxy of potential or do we come to our collective senses?

A species is defined by the choices it makes, so letís make some good ones.


The Majesty of the Cosmos is only exceeded by The Majesty of an Almighty GOD.

If you have ever wondered where GOD is, you only need to look about you. The universe is a work of Magnificence. It is breathtaking to behold and its expanse boggles the mind.

This is a work of a Super Intellect on a scale that defies compromise. For such a Cosmostic Structure to even exist elicits awe and wonder at the intricate thought and effort it took to create it.

To me the universe is the composite essence of The Supreme Being, being one and the same however not limited to. When the Hubble telescope took itís Deep Field, I realized that I was looking at a small portion of GOD Himself. Further the expanse of space and time in no way diminishes HIS presence, whether micro or macro.

Just as the universe itself permeates us (for the concept of infinity must overrule finiteness with out compromise or be negated) we are also a part of itís composition. As JESUS said, ďhavenít I told you that you are gods?Ē[1]

Because we seem to be lacking in this perception does not negate it but more perhaps our divinity is somewhat sullied by our focus on the micro to the exclusion of the macro. Until the intellect of man realizes that the macro and the micro are one in the same our evolution will be a conglomerate of pitfalls and failed paths.

Just something to think about.

[1] John 10:34
Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;


The Next Step in Human Evolution

There is more than one level of intelligence. The primitive brain is the most rudimentary. Itís intelligence is equal to an animalís. You, the higher developed consciousness is superior. An animal cannot grasp the concept of self improvement, you can. This is a result of evolution (intelligent evolution or evolution by design)[1] and so is the next step. Evolution is a process and like any other process there is a beginning and an ending, then the process begins again to evolve to the next level.

We have a choice and this choice can only be addressed personally. We can live by a set of codes and values that benefits everyone or we can choose to remain a predator and pray and capitalize on anyone or anything. On the one hand efforts that benefit others are less financially rewarding and for those obsessed with greed or money hording to the detriment of others. This will be a less than likely choice and those who do are less likely to want to evolve and we know what happens to species that can not evolve.

While we are more advanced or evolved (more intellectually than physically) than our ancestors we are at a juncture where we can take the next step in evolution and that is with intent. Through out history all evolution has been the result of circumstance and chance. Now it would be the result of conscious choice and we are ready.

I propose a way to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is a simple matter to ask a series of questions that would revel whether someone qualifies as evolvable. It would be more difficult to discern if they would dedicate themselves to this path. So I suggest we allow their nature to be the deciding factor for us. If they choose to seek evolution as a path to a higher development (spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally) or to just bumble about as they have been.

For those who choose to attempt to evolve through self-improvement we should put off the wiles of satiation and embrace a battery of cognitive skills and quality values that reflect what a truly evolved person would embody.

A person on a path to evolving would easily recognize another simply by their focus and as such we should be as supportive as possible. These are our constituents, brothers-in-arms and together we represent a meaning future for mankind instead one of avarice, greed and a total disregard for humanity and human values. These are no longer war fronts that we need to address. Simply by evolving we can see past these inadequacies and by working together we simply elevate ourselves above these mundane failings and all kinds of alternatives become apparent, no muss no fuss.

Physical: Exercise; get in shape and get toned but stay away from steroids and muscle enhancement, diet; not only eat right but avoid pesticide and hormone treated foods, grow a ďvictory garden[2]Ē, use drugs and pain killers only when absolute dire emergency so you body doesnít build up a tolerance

Mental: Divorce your TV, learn to educate yourself, exercise you mentality; do your math in your head, calculate your place on the planet, improve your mind[3]

Spiritual: Reconnect with The Creator, live by a higher set of values donít just profess them, embody them, remember there is more to life than the mundane, the physical world is temporary but the spiritual world is the unseen driving force, master this and your difficulties diminish dramatically

Emotional: Intentionally develop emotional stability, control your emotions do not allow them control you, revaluate your emotional pyridines and donít fall pray to emotional traps and dead ends


         Personal and social corruption is the basis for governmental corruption.

If a person permits general corruption even on a small scale society take's it as its due to get its share. Isn't society made up of just such people?

        So if you want to curb governmental corruption, first curb your own.

Extremely Important


Deep inside we all feel that by addressing certain changes in ourselves we can effect great results. These changes are relative to lasting goals which we whish to become. JESUS uses this with greater skill and design than we ever could.

First no goal regardless of its potential quality and its achievability would be of value unless itís a lasting one. Learning to see beyond earthly limitations standards and values will open your eyes to this potential. Choosing your own goals at this level would be like trying to make a quick buck by selling of your own body parts, itís a loosing proposition at best. If you are going to sacrifice for a higher goal than make sure it is worth it.

Secondly unless you are saved no goal of real eternal value will ever be obtainable. This is where your spiritual money would be best spent.

Thirdly JESUS painstakingly prepares us for greater goals at levels that we can not imagine with our limited human mind. HE leads us on individual paths strengthening points that will make eternity all the grander for us with trials and tribulations. Look forward to your challenges and trials and count it a blessing when you are the recipient of difficulties because this is the fire that winnows away our personal chaff from your worthy wheat this is the fire that tempers your metal with which you will be blessed by and this is why HE is and will be worshiped and appreciated and gladly so for HIS and GODís fantastic generosity.

Put the pieces together. GOD wants you to make it. GOD has invested a piece of HIMSELF in you (your very soul). This is what your soul is, a piece of GOD Himself. This is the spiritual penny you were given, invest it wisely and you will be blessed, hide it or loose it and even that what you have will be lost.


What the Hell?

Isnít 'Hell' where all of GODís anger is stored up?

What will you do when you get there? There will be Hell to pay!

 Repent while you still can!!!


So, you think you have problems?

Donít blame your parents or your ancestors or anyone for your problems, solve them and move on.

Justified your faults does not make you one bit healthier, smarter or safer.


Our National Issues

     The leader of a nation, any nation, should be an exceptional problem solver, have the best interests of his or her people in mind and a willingness to work with all other nations to make this world the quality environment for all. Not a golf playing figure head that steers economic packages toward his own special interest groups.

     It is up to us to see that only a properly qualified individual gets elected to such a leadership position. Not one whoís excessive financial means gives him or her the audacity to purchase your bewildered allegiance with false promises, glib rhetoric and fancy foot work.

     If you really value your nation, this planet and humanity than letís get it together and take the irresponsibility away from the greedy, the exploiters and the power mad and make this world a better place for all of us.


The Job (less) Situation

     Post labor supported industry is no longer viable. Computers and machines run equipment that 20 years and more ago people used to be employed to do. It isnít so much that there arenít jobs or that the jobs are being shipped to other countries but industry has replaced itís workers with machines in every industrialized nation.

     This has displaced many millions to allow mega-industries to increase their profit margin at everyone's expense. Industry will in no way give up their huge profit margin and re-hire the unemployed neither will they offer to pay compensation to the workers they have Ďkicked to the curbí, even if they have to close their doors.

     However there is an alternative, ĎThe Services Industryí still has and will for a long time have the potential to kick start the economy. Re-focusing incentives to supporting services will close the gap.

     Services simply means helping others by sharing life's burden and everyone making a living doing so. This is simply helping others and in doing so helping ourselves.

     There is enough money for everyone. So grow some healthy food, mow your neighbor's lawn or paint a house. We can do this if we try. Take care of each other and lets keep our minds, our population proportional, our sight on the future of our species and perhaps we will last long enough to evolve.


Newest Member of Galactic Christians: The Christian Re-Integration House of Oregon (On Hold)


When Our Times Up

     I have seen how traumatized a person is when they loose even the most trivial of their possessions whether by fire or theft or whatever. Can you imagine how traumatized a person would be for the loss of an appendage or friend or family member or even their own life? We are so totally unprepared for the temporality of this existence both in it and when it is over. Oh how we fuss and carry on about the smallest of things. I imagine we will be in a state of shock when we face what is surely to come.

     Surely as one day there will be no dawn for me or you, you can see that being saved as soon as possible should be the next step. Do not wait till the last minute or even a minute more. You have no idea when that last minute will be and how little you can accomplish in a minute. That's when you realize that all your worldly possessions mean so very little.

Alternative to Education Costs; Do-It-Yourself Study Self-Improvement

Why spend yourself into debt for an education when it is just so much simpler, cheaper and cleverer to teach yourself. The internet and library is a great resource and challenging related courses for credits proves that you actually know the required information.

Some schools will validate your experience with accreditation. You can get ďhands onĒ training from many agencies as a volunteer for experience.

The main thing I learned while struggling balancing education and employment is learn how to teach myself. Once I mastered this, my education and interests blossomed. I followed my every question I had further broadening my background degree or not. I was unfettered and free to seek out every answer to every question I could imagine and will continue to do so.

Trust me educating yourself is for your own good. The more you understand the better you can deal with the myriad personal circumstances in your daily life not to mention the more you know the better choices you are able to make.

Are schools the best of all possible choices or is freely perusing your every question more rewarding? All children should be encouraged to research their questions instead of just relaying on an adult to micro manage a prescribed limited education for them. Give them their inquisitive freedom and help them satisfy it. You might get an education about the potential of humanity as well.

Humanity can do better!


Suicide: is what some people do when they let the frustrations in their life overwhelm their resourcefulness.

Depression: is the name of the feeling Ďthat there is no hopeí.

Life in this world is supposed to be difficult and challenging. You are suppose to have developed durable values because of it.

Suicide is not an answer; if anything things will only be the worse for it. If you opt for a quick solution you loose all of your potential self-improvements in this world and the resulting spiritual improvements that you would have brought with you in your spiritual existence.


Bitten by the Devil?

And the LORD said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that everyone that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live.

Numbers 21:8




I have substituted a dragon to represent Satan.   JESUS says this only works for Christians.


Why Galactic Christians?

     A great many churches have some portion of the truth. They will even say that about each other. We not saying that that isnít enough to get parishioners into heaven, nirvana or what ever you choose to call it, but our mind isnít satisfied with just a part of the truth. We want an intelligent religion that also satisfies the mind as well as the spirit. We want answers for our emotional, physical and mental precepts as well as spiritual truths that do not conflict with what GOD's plan is really about regardless of contemporary (mis) interpretations and still be the real, legitimate and valid spiritual path

     Who wouldn't want a religion that helps guide their path in physical, emotional, mental aspects as well as properly prepare us for the spiritual world. This is the intent of The Galactic Christians.


     Who doesn't want to know about science (a term used to identify the interpretations of the physical reality) and knowledge and still be saved. Who wouldn't want to know about human nature and still be saved. We want to know the truth about the world in which I live and not have our questions branded as heresy! We want to know how HE made the universe and not just a ďpoof it was thereĒ either.

we want to know why so many creatures in this world are so similar in form. We want to know why gravity pulls things to other things and why it also seems to work on light, emotions and thoughts as well. We are not satisfied with ďbecause thatís the way GOD made itĒ. We want to understand what the Bible is trying to tell us. We want to the essence of who we are and why GOD cares for us, not just another obscure translation of it to try to memorize, this is why Galactic Christians was founded.                                                                                                                        B. E. Burns



    When you are in heaven you are encouraged to indulge your fondest desires, thatís why it is called Heaven. Of course your fondest desire is to be with The LORD or you wouldn't be there! On earth and the physical plane you canít because the laws that make the physical reality possible also make self indulgence counter productive and this makes your challenges so rewarding. You see the physical plane was created for the sole purpose to bring newborn souls and their consciousness to spiritual maturity. These limitations gives the consciousness forces to work against and to build on and with. For that you need positive and negative, up and down right and wrong. In Heaven there are no negatives, no down, no wrongs  and no limitations. If there were it wouldnít be Heaven.

    When you are in Heaven you will find that GOD is The good God. In fact HE is very good. In all honesty HE is so good that you can not even bare to look at HIM. HIS Goodness is so overwhelmingly intense that you would fall on your face before HIM. Why? Because HE will be and is your ultimate desire. HIS Goodness is beyond description, even beyond your wildest imagination.

    Of course you have a choice as to be in HIS presence based on your ability to tolerate that much Goodness. This is also why you are given difficulties here on earth so that you learn to endure, this will be to your advantage in Heaven because you will be able to endure being closer to GOD. So why would you want to be closer to GOD? Because just being in HIS presence is sheer bliss. Infinitely better than you best gratification, youíre best high or your best anything. Being in the presence of GOD is the ultimate high, the ultimate gratification and the ultimate of anything that you can or will ever imagine.

    It will be worth it!

What you see and/or fear in this world is only the mirror of your own soul.

Whether your soul is corrupted of yourself or another with JESUS's help you can rise above it if you choose to do so.


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The Galactic Christians

Galactic Christians believe in validity of a self perpetuating reality, not in a reality in that JESUS is coming a second time to earth to wipe out everything that GOD created. GOD created a reality that perpetuates life. GOD created the universe to give reality a place to grow spiritual beings to worship and appreciate HIM. The universe is self-perpetuating for the purpose of bring abundant life to its fullness to Glorify a Universal and Infinitely good GOD. It is shortsightedness of archaic misconception like the sun revolves around the earth or that the dinosaurs bones could not be that old that leads many down an illogical path of misinterpretation.

Yes JESUS will come again just as the Bible foretells but it is a personal visitation, just like HE did with the disciples with each and every one of us not as a collective one. Sure every eye will behold HIM but individually and in a personal light not collectively to the masses all at once. Come on, isnít it more logical to believe that GOD would invest in many worlds than create a self-perpetuating universe that continually produces souls to glorify HIM or that HE built an entire universe just to destroy it all after harvesting 144 thousand?

 GOD is universal and infinite not finite and petty. So why would HE create a universe that took trillions of years to develop, has billions of galaxies with hundreds of trillions of worlds in each and destroy it all in just a few millennia over a handful on one planet? GOD is a personal God and not a short sighted one either. This universe with trillions of worlds with billions of inhabitants on millions of them and HE would manifest HIS infinite Glory and HIS Son's only on one? All that the Scriptures prophesize will surely come to pass just as the Bible foretells and this happens not only on this world but thought out the entire universe.


        Galactic Christians support all denominations of Christianity that believe that salvation is of JESUS CHRIST. We do not actively support any religious sects that worship GOD independent JESUS Christ's intersession, salvation and forgiving grace.


     This is the title I received from The LORD: ĎThe Last Avatar Before The Second Comingí (kind of a long one, huh). I believe that it is my mission to straighten out the misconceptions of literalistic miss-interpretations concerning the scriptures and bring back the true spiritual perceptions and their intent with logic and common sense instead of historical rhetoric.

     I personally know that the second coming is a personal experience and not a collective one because it happen to me in 1985 and it happened exactly as the Bible describes it as it will happen to each an every one in an hour that only GOD knows. Yes the Bible say that every eye shall see HIM but it does not say all at the same exact instant, that is the assumption which leads to many other misinterpretations.

    The Garden of Eden, The Tree of Good and Evil, The Tree of Life, even Adam and Eve were not physical but meta-physical representations. Adam and Eve represent children, that is where the true lesson is and continues today. Doesnít the Bible say that you must become as little children and didn't Adam walk and talk with GOD in The Garden of Eden? Doesn't the Bible speak of children having protecting angles? Want one?


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The world is changing and not necessarily for the better. A few intelligent people can accomplish much good. Humanity is basically good but there is a trend in the reductions of options for doing good.

Galactic Christians are looking for behind the scenes spiritual activists to form a network of serious thinkers that will keep humanity and the planet spiritually healthy, and outline positive future directions for us as a species.


Here's a thought: Higher taxes and/or stiff fines for companies that lay off employees to maximize profits instead of the federal government forcing taxpayers to pick up the tab.


I have a few words for you about Global Warming, it will continue to increase for the next hundred years.



Greed is the religion of Capitalists!



GOD is not limited by our ability to imagine.

GOD can bring ideas in your mind that you would never have imagined or dreamed of.



Question: Spiritual Specialization

  • Do you want GOD to do everything for you or do you want GOD to give you the power to do things yourself?

  • Do you want to leave all your decisions in GODís capable hands or do you want GOD to give you the good judgment to implement GODís values in your daily life?

  • Do you choose both and pick whatever you are so inclined to do at your own convenience?

  • What do you think GOD would prefer?

By making a conscious choice and sticking to it you make yourself available to the skills and assets of that choice however this can leave those values attributed to the alternatives less directly connected to you.

In all if you are in a group composed of individuals that are spiritually gifted in other aspects of spiritual development you will benefit and you will be an asset to the group. This community could become spiritually powerful and affect more for the good of our Christian world and mission fields than a less spiritually focused one.


GOD was already GOD before there was anything. GOD is the culmination of the universe and we are HIS investments. Those who re-invest in HIS service and blessings will receive greater returns on their spiritual investments. Time is but a short few years but in the spiritual realm where time is not relative and GOD's blessings flow like a mighty river. Here is where your spiritual riches that will last forever.






 ~Bless You~


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